Monday, March 2, 2009

First year down.

YES! We made it through the first year! Its hard to believe that just one short year ago, The Prairie Peddler was just getting up and running.

From The Prairie Peddler - creatin the Shop

This was what I started with. A nice empty space. A blank slate to imprint with my personality and passion.

From The Prairie Peddler - creatin the Shop

Opening day. It hasn't been this clean since.

From The Prairie Peddler - creatin the Shop

You'd have thought that starting a business in the spring would be a good idea. Then the heavy machinery moved in[yes, I knew about it!]. Nothing like having your street torn up for a few months while you're getting started! Surprisingly, that little fact didn't slow traffic down. I did twice the repairs I thought I would be doing. People found me, that's for sure!

I've sold a few really cool bikes.
From The Prairie Peddler - creatin the Shop

From The Prairie Peddler - creatin the Shop

Saturday am ride
And worked on few cool ones too. No pics though. I'll save that one for later!

I've also got a new website up for the shop. Something a bit more static that won't change a whole ton, but has good information on it. Check it out! The Prairie Peddler

So to thank everyone, there's a sale going on - EVERYTHING in the store is on sale. 15% off 2008 bikes. 10% off 2009 bikes. 15% off all accessories. Come on down and lets get the 2009 season started right!

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Joe said...

Congrats on the anniversary and very classy website!!! I hope to get over your way sometime this summer.

Head Honcho said...

Bring your bike when you do Joe!

Guitar Ted said...

Congrats Marty! I'll be over to see you again this year.......with a bike this time!

Tman said...

Congrats man!

Sir Wrecks A Lot said...

Congrats on one year Marty!! I hope to make it out your way this summer to check out the store and some of the trails!

~gomez~ said...

Cheers, Marty!

Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary!


Alex said...

Well done! I love the passion for the bikes and the environment that's expressed in your writings. Just one of the reasons why I like to read this blog. Great work on making it through the first year and hopefully you have the same success through this year too.