Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New forkitude.

I picked up a new fork for the Jamis Exile on Monday. Darrel up at Bluedog Customs built it for me. Why did I get a new fork? Well, the reason's are pretty simple. Looking at it, the stock fork on the Jamis is not very confidence inspiring. The legs are skinny. Very skinny. The dropouts are even skinnier. Its veerrryy long. The disc tab is thin, especailly for the 7" rotor I use. All this sveltness under a 220lb agressive rider just isn't very confidence inspiring. Not to mention the fact that this one(the others in the store are fine) has its legs welded on of kilter. It ain't straight.

From The Prairie Peddler - creatin the Shop

So what we have here is the Jamis fork on the left. The Bluedog fork in the middle, and for comparisons sake, a Salsa Cromoto(a fork I like a lot.) on the right. The differences between the Jamis and the BDC fork are stunning, no?

From The Prairie Peddler - creatin the Shop

From The Prairie Peddler - creatin the Shop

Details on the BDC fork: Columbus legs, Paragon drop outs/disc mount. Fillet Brazed construction. 480mm tall, with a 40mm rake. Haven't mounted/ridden it yet. Bikes too dirty, and I'm busy cleaning the shop. Once cut, I bet we're looking at a fork near the 2lb mark.

From The Prairie Peddler - creatin the Shop

From The Prairie Peddler - creatin the Shop

If you're in the market for a new fork, be it road, cyclocross or mountain, give me a shout and I'll be able to hook you up with one of these. Price will be right about $280 for one like mine, bit less for road/cross. So far, I'm impressed, I can't wiat to ride it!

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Guitar Ted said...

Cool fork Marty. I like those Paragon drops too. Nice and solid. I'm betting you are going to feel a lot more steering and braking goodness once that gets ridden.

Nice photos and the site looks killer. Way to go man!

And an appology..........I got so busy after I-Bike that a lot of things fell through the cracks here. One of them was getting over your way to ride. I'm very sorry about that. I need to make that change when riding season comes around again.

Take care!

Tman said...

Man that stock fork looks scary! New one likey!

Head Honcho said...

Thanks guys. Mark no worries about getting here. I know you will soon enough. Hell, even this winter'd still be fun. Go hit some snow macheen trails. Those'r fun here.