Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rawland Oalf 650b DONE.

Eric is a very happy man. He has a bike back in the stable. One of several to come for sure. This one turned out great. During the process of getting it all together, he thought he was going to go with a more....basic build. As you can see, that didn't really happen.

From The Prairie Peddler

Parts are about as shiney as they come. White Industries hubs, cranks, bottom bracket and freewheel add up to a seriously blung out bike[even more so with the double/double set up]. Not to mention the Thomson Stem and Seatpost. And the Ti railed WTB Silverado with Salsa Bell Lap bars. Avid BB7 front brake, and Paul Touring Canti rear. Nice stuff.

And the best thing? The first words out of his mouth when seeing it: "This'll be the cleanest it'll ever be." Awesome.

Drool on.

From The Prairie Peddler

From The Prairie Peddler

From The Prairie Peddler

From The Prairie Peddler

From The Prairie Peddler

For those curious about the whole 650b thing, feel free to ask away. I've got this bike done, and am currently working on a Surly 1x1 that will be B'd out too[if ever there were a perfect bike, I think the 1x1 is it folks! It can do anything!]. I like the platform, and think that it makes sense.

If you're in the market for a bike like this, I am able to sell Rawland via the interwebs, and will be happy to set you up! My prices are more than fair.

And lastly, lets ALL be thankful tomorrow, and the in the days to come. Be thankful for what we have, and the lives that we're blessed with. We've all got it pretty damned good. Dig in and enjoy the meal tomorrow! I know I will.

And then I'll be back here on Friday, selling away. For the locals out shopping, I most certainly DO have Gift Certificates for your loved ones. If you're in the market for a bike, ALL of the 2008 bikes are 15% off right now. Gotta clear 'em out and make room for 2009!

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blackmountaincycles said...

Very nice! I too have some Rawlands coming my way. They're just great looking bikes and the White Ind. bits are great touches.

Ben said...

Nice build. I really just love the lines on these. I like just looking at mine, and then they ride well on top of that!

Nice choice on music today as well, one of my favorites.

MMcG said...

Wow - really nice Marty!!

Say - can you drop me an email at mmcg25 AT gmail DOT com

I'm curious as to how you got those CR18 rims.



d.p. said...

Love the mullet solution and the back-door man drop outs. The Paul Cantis compliment the polished WI bits. Did you use a mixed set (long/short pull) of brake levers?

Head Honcho said...

Mike, you'll like 'em. Very well done frames - and the forks are impressive!

Mark - I got the rims from J&B.

dp - the levers are standard road pull. The front brake is an Avid Road disc(short pull) I have a set of these on my Jamis Exile with Canti levers. The work great.