Saturday, December 13, 2008

New bike in the stable.

A few years back, I had what has amounted to the best bike I've owned. It did everything 'right'. It climbed easy and stable. It carved singletrack like there was no tomorrow. Descending on it was an absolute pleasure. It went exactly where you pointed it, and stayed on track.

From Vassago y Haro

Taken at the trail head of the Dyke Trail near Crested Butte CO.

I loved that bike. And now it has a new happy home near its birth in NorCal. Mike is always sure to let me know how much he likes the bike. And that is a good thing.

I've got something to replace that loved old bike now. It comes from the same mind that the first one did. Its heart is from the same trails. I can't really refer to it by its given name, so it'll juyst be called the Mountain Cruiser. Its all built up now, but I have yet to get a chance to really ride it. Oh sure, its been up and down the block a few times. You can't tell a thing about a bike with just a few hundred feet under its tires though.

From The Bikes

There is this: It looks pretty cool. See, I've never been a fan of cruiser styled mountain bikes. Stuff I've seen from companies like Black Sheep, Merlin and Spicer. I DO like the RetroTec's, but then they started the whole cruiser thing back in the 90's. This one is different. It try to mimic as much as it tries to emulate. Anyways. The lines are clean, cable routing is very smooth. The look is just right.

From The Bikes

From The Bikes

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JabberJaw said...

But what IS it???
Yeah, that looks like Wisco in the I come from the lower west side of that state as well.

Cellarrat said...

Thats soooo hot!

Dale said...

Jerk, can't wait to t-bone you on that thing! Then we will see...wait a second, that means I have to catch you first. Change that, I can't wait to hide in the woods and then surprise t-bone you!

Head Honcho said...

OX brand - which is no longer around. Kind of.

Dale - just you wait.

Guitar Ted said...

Interesting Marty. So are you saying this has something to do with Steve Potts? That would make sense.

cLAyTV said...

Man, I have to come to your shop. These bikes are sick! Good to see you guys the other night. Happy New Year!!

moevelo said...

mary mary's sister emerges. good bloodline! she's purty!