Monday, October 27, 2008

Tragedy and Pain or Whats Eric looking at now?

I've got a customer, Eric, who like any true bike geek values his steeds highly. They're all personalized and unique to their owners riding nature. And, like any bike lover, he's equipped for nearly any riding situation, be it snow, trail or road. And of course each of these rigs was put together painstakingly slowly, bit by bit as he found what worked for him and what didn't. The more interesting part is that Eric and his wife moved here(he's originally from this area) from Austin TX about a year and half ago. Since then he hasn't been riding a ton for a few reasons. Since finding my shop though, he's been a regular, and enthusiastic attendee for the rides, and I can count on him showing up in the shop on Friday and uh doing what bike guys do.

But all that passion and effort literally went up in smoke a few weeks back. Eric kept his bikes in a tool shed along with other stuff you'll find on a working farm. This includes lots of flammable fuel. Most certainly something that any of us would never want to have happen to our own collections. Receiving the call from Eric telling me what had happened was hard enough. Going through it would've been tougher for sure.

From The Prairie Peddler

Pugsly, Karate Monkey, and Raliegh road.

From The Prairie Peddler

What's left of a Pinarello Surprise.

From The Prairie Peddler

Thomson stem that WAS black and a cardon bar.

From The Prairie Peddler

Yeti FRO and bits.

From The Prairie Peddler

The barn.

Thankfully, insurance is doing what it actually should for once. The whole kit'n kaboodle is being covered. This is proving to be fun for Eric, and benefiting the shop. Both of us are getting to play with build options that are....unusual.

So what IS Eric looking at? The first bike coming into the store is a Rawland Olaf.

These are sold primarily as a 650b or 27.5" mountain bike. As my friend Ben has happily discovered, they will also accept 2.1ish 29" rubber, making for a very versitle bike. Eric will be setting his up initially as a 650b, testing the waters. This will be a fun build up to document(as will all of these), so check back, eh?

Now I just have to get a camera... Yes, BOTH of my camera's took a dump on me. At least the Nikon is repairable. Having fun looking for a point-n-shoot though.

Listening to: RadioHead Weird Fishes/Arpeggi from Itunes Genius mix based on Iron + Wine; Boy with a Coin.


GNAT said...

Marty, give me a shout and I just might be able to donate a few Salsa parts to his cause.

Also, bad news on the camera front. I'm just coming out of what you are in.

Tman said...

Bummer man. Looks like a nasty fire