Monday, October 13, 2008

The First Prairie Cross is in the Bag!


First a BIG thank you to all the volunteer help. I don't think I said it enough yesterday. All you volunteers did a tremendous job. Couldn't have done it with out you.

Second, thanks to ALL the riders who came over. Turnout was good with about 40 riders total. Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and of course Wisconsin were represented. From all the talking I did with racers afterwards, every liked the course, even though it ended being harder than anticipated. Was it the lenght? Or was it the soul sucking long gradual climb right in the middle of the loop? Or was it the heat? MAN was it hot out there! 80+ degrees hot. Talk about unseasonable...And there I was wearing black. Go figure.

My race went uh...poorly. I was off the back almost immediately. I foolishly let out too much air from my tires at the start line. I thought it would make the bumpy course a bit smoother. Not so. I had to ride SO gingerly that first lap. I was waaaay off the back almost immediately. Oh well, I'll jut suffer along and hope I can catch some one by the last lap. Well, I DID catch someone [Dale] who promptly pulled a Benken[long standing inside joke from the 'kato scene] on me. Completely took the wind outta me and my effort. I fell back again and suffered through the heat of the last lap.

I need to give a big thanks to Renee and her crew from Madison for supporting us and coming over. She's the brains behind MadCross, and puts a ton of effort into expanding the 'cross world here in WI.

Will I do it again next year? You betcha! And I sure hope to get even more riders here. For a first year event, I'm glad that 40 showed. Lets me find the errors while they're small and unobtrusive. Will I go for full WCA series calendar status? Probably not. I like keeping this affordable and fun. Should bring out more racers/riders that way.

Some photos: credit for them to Dale. Thanks for coming up from Ill-noise Dale.






In other news, it appears that Mike and I are working on the same bikes. Odd that, since he's in Northern California, and I'm here in Wisconsin. His last two posts in particular are eyebrow raising. I swear I've had this conversation about bar tape with Gita as she's ambling about the shop babbling about babies and puppies.

There must be something in the air with camera's too. Jason seems to be having issues with his stuff too. As any photographer will know, it sucks being with out your gear at any time. If that time happens to be now though. During autumn. With out. a. camera. hurts!

Listening too: The Current. In the mug: black gold from McGregor Coffee Roasters.


blackmountaincycles said...

You had a pack or Rolls Royces stop in front of the shop too! Wow, that is coincidental ;-)

And I too am finding myself in need of a new camera as my old Canon G2 has given up the ghost - well, actually just the screen, but what's a digital camera without an LCD screen!

Carl in WTTN said...

Really enjoyed the event. I've got some shots from the kids race which I'll post where you can get 'em in case you want to add to Dale's pix.

Anonymous said...

I thought Ryan had a Kelly crosser? Don't tell me he's got the Kelly and the IF!


Head Honcho said...

bmcmike - Not a round up of Rolls', but a herd of Harley's. This IS Wisconsin afterall.

Carl - yup!

Nater - and where were you??? hmmm? ;) He does indeed have the IF and the Kelly - though the Kelly is on the block I think. Too small.

joeyTWOwheels said...

Congrats on putting on your first CX race!

The Original Adam Kelly said...

That looks like hella fun, I wish I had been there...

Chris Newlin said...

Great Event Marty! Thanks for everything on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know. We had a really busy weekend involving building a bridge at Blue Mound, a pumpkin patch, and a little bit of mountain biking. Sorry! I'll come to the next one, I promise!


Dale said...

I think it is best to qoute from a great Tom Cat movie "rubbing is racing."

Had fun.