Thursday, May 8, 2008

Saturday Morning = Road ride on!

Yep, the weather is finally breaking. Its beautiful today, I'd play hooky if I could. Larry stopped in and said he had the day off. All with a big smile on his face. You know where he's off to. I wish I was with him! It might be a bit chilly at 7 on Saturday though. Arm warmers and knee warmers to the rescue!

So I found a few nice shots from the opening - but they're not up loaded yet. Soon. Soon.

Road Ride Wednesday was all me. Dale had to work, and no else showed. Ended up being a super nice day. Breezy, but nice.

Steep climb #1. Of course this is steeper than it looks. Near the top of Vineyard Coulee Rd. Nice short burst of 12%.

Moseying along.

The second, steeper, longer climb. Really pretty though, so you kind of forget how painful it is.

Abandoned bridge near the end of the ride. I've always liked this spot, and wanted to stop and take pictures. I'll head back with the good camera to get better shots later.

So on the ride down Limery - which we usually go up - I hit 60. Yep. 60 miles an hour, not 60 kph. I also hit something that knocked my rear wheel all wonky. Great. I hate working on my own bikes....

On to the Camp Ingawanis race over in IA last weekend. Great course. Fun flowy single track for five miles made the race a pleasure to do. Had so much fun riding that I performed pretty well. They had a 35+ Sport Masters class. I figured that since I qualified, I may as well do it! Turns out I did pretty well. Got 2nd in class, and by my count about 10th over all. Feels good to be doing so well at races this year.

Listening to: Hank III; Straight to Hell. REAL country music.

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Guitar Ted said...

Nice ride pics. Hey, sorry I couldn't make the Camp races, but I was jamming on my guitar that weekend. (Gotta support the "guitar" part of Guitar Ted!) Got a few muddy rides in at any rate!

Good job at the races!