Thursday, May 15, 2008

Art in the shop!

So those who've been kinda enough to follow along this journey so far know that I also sell art created by local and regional artists. Cool! you say, but where the heck is it? What and who do you carry? I've been remiss in not highlighting the art. And that's changing today.

We'll start with Pottery and Paintings.

Greg Cheesboro is the potter/brew head/bathtub bass[you should see him get down on the one string!]ripper/biker that created the pottery below. Beautiful works!

For paintings, we have two artists. Hilary Berg and Margie Larson. Hilary came recommended to us from a mutual friend. Nate and Katie - or Natie as they're referred to around the house here - and we're really happy to have her beautiful art here in the store. Its really beautiful, organiclly done work. You really do get a 'mood' out of the work. Can you tell I like them?

Also up is work by Margie Larson - who also happen to be my mom. Her work is again very organic in nature, taking both scenic and a botanical feel to them. Great stuff!

Other artists in the shop are Nicole Martin, a local jewler, Anna Rodriguez, a fiber artist and me with photography. I'll feature them/me in another post.

On to riding. Its getting REAL good folks! The weather is about to break and finally. FINALLY turn to spring/summer. The road rides have been popular since I started, with many faces attending. I look forward to seeing who shows up each day. This Saturday is on, 7 am as usual. Probably do something similar to what we've been doing already, though soon I'd like to start expanding the ride length, maybe. We'll see how that goes over.

On Monday, we had 5 show up for the mountain bike ride. We went over to Yellow River for a short spin through the woods.It ended up being a great day. And the best thing about it? I was able to ride with Lisa again for what seemed like the first time in years! That was great. Really was. I'm one of the lucky guys that gets to ride with his wife, and she likes it! So cool. Anyways.

Listening to: Minnesota Public Radio. Only the best! Oh, and drinking a niiiice cuppa from McGregor Coffee Roasters. Local done good!

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