Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ring 'round the Prairie!

Funny thing - so far this is turning out to be more about rides that I put in than about an opening of a bike shop. I still do plan on opening the shop, have no fear! Still really waiting to hear from the bank...kinda sucks having this all hinge on one thing...but what can ya do?

So on to the latest ride report! We got hit with an ugly storm as I posted up two times ago. That rain that came put riding really on ice for me for about two weeks. Haven't touched the bike other than jaunts around the block. I finally found time to head out on Tuesday! yay! Since getting here to Western WI, I have noticed that the snowmobilers have quite the network of trails. Anyone who lives in the northland here will know what I'm talking about. Those buzzing stinkbombs are all over the place around here in the winter! As loud and obnoxious as they are, they sure do lay down a nice trail to ride in the winter. And those trails take you places that, normally, you can't get to. Through private land, across hidden ravines, and over ridgetops seldom seen by anything other than livestock.

So I took advantage. Conditions at the start were very good. The snow was still cold enough that it supported my girth as I slogged along.

From Ring around t...

Still in town...down by the river!

Still in town, but getting close to the edge. Its here where the climbing/walking begins. One of the finer nuances of winter snow machine trail riding is the, um lack of anything resembling traction on climbs. But its winter - I'm just out to be in the woods on a beautiful day. Not much else.

Going in to the woods for the first time. This is just after crossing an open field where about25 turkey were foraging about. 'Till I came along that it. Seeing turkey's 'fly' is interesting.

Almost at the top of the climb. In summer this section is ridable, but I've never done it, since there's a singletrack that departs from this trail just back down the trail. Anyways. Cool rock formation. Lots of that stuff in these parts.

5 miles in. And just about to start climbing again.

Last shot of the ride. At this point I'm pretty shelled. 13 miles in, and the snow pack got progressivly less packed, making riding a difficult proposition. Just after this shot was taken I came upon the steepest hill I've done in a long time. Over 15% grade according to the GPS. Steep, fast and icy. Kept me on my toes, that's for sure.

^^^^See that link? Please click it and go do some good over the course of the next few days. Improve your vocabulary while you're at it.

Happy Holidays!

Listening to: Pandora Holidays. Classic, folk, jazzy, and swingin'. I'm all over the board!

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Guitar Ted said...

What yer needin' is sum o them thar fancy Gordo rims or sum Kris Holm rims fer that floaty, wide, tire spreadin' love. ;)

How is that for vocabulary? :)