Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Season end?

From LaRiv - short...

Nah. More like season slow down. The greater midwest metro plex, other wise known as Southwest Wisconsin, was hit with our first winter storm of the year. Saturday, we got about 3" to 4" of snow. Which really is fine enough. Then it started to rain. Turning all that wonderful snow to a solid sheet of ice. Which makes taking the girls to school via bike and trailer, a rather slippery chore. Time to stud up a set of tires...

Enter the DoDak. My Dad was kind enough in the past few weeks to find both a small 4'x6' utility trailer for the shop, and a truck to pull it with. Both the truck and the trailer are in great shape, and will be the perfect tools to go out and support at events. Thanks Dad!

I have taken Sidra to class in it once so far, and it seems the girls like riding in it. Guess its warmer than the Burley!

I've also just sent the final decision to Doug on my logo. Soon enough I'll be debuting that here. Feels good to have stuff starting to flow in. Makes it all feel more 'real', ya know?

Just a quickie today...back to spreadsheets!

Listening to: The Current. Again.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Blog Marty! Best wishes with opening the new shop. Hopefully I'll find myself in the WI driftless sometime and will stop in.

Troy L.