Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is my blank canvas.

We all start somewhere. An empty shell. A fully equipped, ready to run 'concept' store ala Trek or Specialized. I've got something in between those two extremes. First off, a little bit about the location. See, I live in Prairie du Chien, WI. A small river town of 6000, nestled on the banks of the Mississippi River and the Wisconsin River. Kind of right in the heart of the Driftless Area, a region of deep coulee's and wind blown ridges. This is not the typical glaciated flat-as-a-pancake midwest. See the last glaciers missed this area. Makes for some wonderful terrain for road riding and mountain biking.
The store front itself is located in the historic downtown, right next to Simply, the local coffee brewer and gastronomic delight creator. Convenient! As you can see from the shot, I already have a customer waiting! Not really but there are a good number of cycle tourists that come through in a year. I hope to capitalize on that! I've got three entrances, one front, one side, and one rear. And a nice large, paved parking lot in the rear. Getting in shouldn't be a problem at all.

Inside is where all the good stuff will be happening, of course. 14' ceilings, with the original tin still up, though it is painted. Bummer, but still at least its not some cheezey dropped ceiling. Hard wood floors throughout, a nice weathered barnwood partition and sub-wall, and a nice pad for making the 'shop' area. Really, I don't have THAT much to do in here to make it presentable. Thankfully!

The spot behind the sub wall there may make a nice 'quite' spot for the kids. Napping may end being an issue though. We'll see how it goes.

This should make nice display wall.

From the back looking to the front. There's a side door just to my right, out of picture. And to answer everones question, yes, the tree is staying. I like it!

Listening to: Arcade Fire. Pure auditory bliss! Be sure to listen to "No cars go" real loud. Sends chills down your spine I tell ya.


blackmountaincycles said...

That is a fantastic blank canvas. 14' ceilings - bonus! Lots of space to hang bikes out of the way. Something I'm trying to figure out. Us tall guys need our head room.


MMcG said...

Martini - that's going to be an amazing place!

Will you do long distance orders too????


Mark (aka MMcG)

Guitar Ted said...

Marty, that is suh-weet! I kinda remember Prarie a bit from my last visit oh so long ago. When you run in off the bridge, are you to the left or right? Or right on that street off the bridge? Ah.....I'll just have to get over there and find it for myself! :)

Anyway, that is very nice! A corner spot with lots of exposure. I'm stoked for ya!

Anonymous said...

Marty, when are you planning on opening the doors? I would love to take a ride down and check it out.


Nater said...

It looks awesome Marty! Can't wait for the grand opening.


Thylacine said...

Gawd I hope you don't paint over those rustic walls and floors.

It's all about the rustic, yaknow?