Monday, October 29, 2007

On with the pictures.

All right. I promised them. Pictures from the riding last weekend. And it is. Experimenting for now. Maybe not. Here's a link to the album.

Lets try photoing this way:

Jason B riding off into the sun.

Berm shot!

Me'n the dog, out enjoying the day.

I like this shot.

And this one too.

From Minneapplepus...

Listening to: The Current only the best damned public rock station you'll hear!


Guitar Ted said...

marty: Damn you! :0 (I mean that in the best possible way!)

I'm on mtbeer and see your sig and WTF!

You did it! Awesome! Here's to your success and happiness! (What? Are you CRAZY?! ha ha ha!)

And you know I am behind you all the way. Looking forwards to your progress and following it here.

I'm still a bit surprised, so forgive me this bizzarre post.

Head Honcho said...

Thanks Mark, I've got one hell of a road laid out in front of me though. Long ways to go!

blackmountaincycles said...

Oh, you've done it now, Marty. It will be a fun, challenging trip. Shop open? Pics? Thanks for the link, I will do the same.

Shoot me a line with any questions or anything interesting at all.

Nice tip on the MPR Current show - good mix of music.

Captain Bob said...

Congrats Man! I am excited for you. Good luck!

Reflector Collector said...

So, Marti... Have you moved further south into PDC or are you still up in Viroqua? My inlaws live in Steuben. One of these days when I am down, I will have to look you up.

joeyTWOwheels said...

hey marty!

came across your blog from a 29er post. congrats on the shop.

if you're into arcade fire, check out independent internet radio. 'tis good.

i'm gonna shoot you an email. in in texas, but a chicago ex-pat and we're meeting family in galena, il next fall. i need local trail advice!

- jd