Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good news!

All the way around this time.

Firstly, the batch of Singular Swift frames is FINALLY out of customs! Tentative delivery date is this Thursday. Those of you waiting will get your frames shipped out as they were ordered, I will work my hardest to make sure they leave by Friday if they really DO arrive here in the shop Thursday.

I also just got my re supply of Phil's eccentrics. Something about being caught in a data loop for 12[*really?* 12 days stuck in a holding pattern? wtf?], so those waiting on blemmed frames will also be getting yours soon! FWIW, I still have a couple of those. Call if you're interested!

And finally, a little bit of patience pays off. We will be staying on in the current location! A little bit of work will be done to the shop, but in the end, it'll be SO worth it!

Ta ta for now. We'll talk again soon.

1 comment:

Nater said...

That is good news...your current location suits you better than a strip mall.