Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wausau24 this weekend!

And that means one thing for sure; the shop will be closed on Saturday. That's the unfortunatel thing.

The GOOD thing is that the whole family will be up at the 9 Mile County Forest participating in the Wausau 24 mountain bike race. I'll be racing...er make that "racing" with Team Pugsley. And Lisa will be riding with a team as well too! Yep. Lisa. Race. Same sentence. She'll be rockin' the Singular Hummingbird she's grown to love. Of course I'll have the camera along, trying to get some cool shots. Got the cards cleaned off already. I think we're going to have something like 5 teams in the compound, with numerous children around, keeping the gnomes at bay.

in Singular news, I put an order in today for 30 mediums! I'll find out soon what a rough time line is for getting them in. My rough guess is going to be September at the earliest. I'm down to four Gryphons as well. Email me for size availability.

Listening to: Arcade Fire. And a fan, valiantly trying to keep me cool.

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karen said...

Good Luck at Wausau. It was nice meeting you and thanks for the info on the grave roads in Iowa. We had a great time exploring.

thanks again