Monday, May 17, 2010

Peregrines, Ready to roll out of the door!

SIngular Peregrine

Just a reminder folks! I have the Peregrines in stock, and ready to ship! Smalls, Mediums and Larges, ready to move!

I've been riding my lager a bit here, and am really enjoying its versatility. We have lots of gravel at our disposal here over in Iowa and its seen its fair share of that.

Salsa Woodchipper


Stable at speed. Comfortable on the flats. Climbs as well as you're able to. Good stuff! Heck, I've even done some single tracking with it, and it does quite well there too. I'd call handling very similar to the old Bridgestone MB's and XO's from back in the day. nice, responsive stuff there.

Price is $725 for the frame, fork, ebb, headbadge and frame prep. A great deal on a quite a bicycle!

Also, if you're thinking about a ti bike, Sam is putting in another order with Nevi for the next batch of Pegasus frames. if you want in on the que, email him! Since these are more or less custom, its best to work direct with him. Cost of these is right around the $1900 + shipping mark.

Don't forget, I've got socks [$10] and T's [$15] here, ready to ship out!

In other riding news, the weather is finally broken, and is coming into summer here. the shop is busy, and the riding is turning out to be fantastic. I raced yesterday waaaaaay up there in Rhinelander on a fantastic course. It certainly harkens back to the old days of big loop races. The course there was and 11 mile monster of twisty, rocky goodness. The Gryphon handled fantastic up there. Quick and agile. And it certainly got its fair share of attention. Guess the drop bars will do that.

I managed to finish 8th in the open SS class, with team mate Eric two spots, and a couple minutes behind me. The race went well over all, I just wish I didn't drop my bottle early in the first lap. So early that I HAD to stop and grab it. Lost a couple SS spots right there that I wasn't able to get back. Guess I'll have to be more careful about the bottle grab next time.

Next up is the Chequamegon 100 on Saturday. This will certainly be a longday on the bike, but one that will be spent with good friends. Some may view it as a race, but for me, this will certainly be a tour. I'lll be getting ready for it all week. Weather looks to be nice, if a bit warm, so hydration will be the theme of the week. I'll have a camera along, so some shots will certainly come out of it!

Listening to: The Current morning show, drinking good, dark, unmolested coffee.


Hal Render said...

How does the ride of the peregrine compare to that of the gryphon?

Head Honcho said...

The Gryphon is more akin to a modern mountain bike. Stable, yet quick steering.

The Peregrine is most like an old Bridgestone MB-1 in terms of handling, especailly off road. On road, its a nice stable ride. Great for lighter touring.