Monday, August 11, 2008

Yellow River Gravel Grinder

Ryan and I headed out for a nice mellow-ish grinder yesterday. I'm really not sure if I've been out on a more perfect day this year yet. Temperature(mid 70's). Moisture(none). Clouds(none). Roads (empty). I mean really. Perfect. I will be doing this loop again. Ended up with 30 miles and 3200' of climbing. Really, a good day on the bike. I needed that.

My ankle is still sore from last weeks trail riding debacle though.

On with the pics!

The last 4 miles was on this two track road through the Yellow River State Forest. Nice stuff.

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blackmountaincycles said...

As much fun as a rippin' single-track is, I really like riding gravel roads, dirt roads, fire roads. They are awesome for letting it out or cruising. I did a nice fire road ride today (sorry no post or pics) with beautiful weather.

Guitar Ted said...

I was riding with Mike Curiak last Friday and I mentioned to him that it was a "perfect day for a gravel grinder". His retort? "Is there such a thing?" :-)

Ben said...

Great pics! There are a ton of roads around here like that, albeit without the rock outcroppings. I haven't gone on a real road ride yet, all of it's been gravel. It's so much more peaceful and laid back. I really like that the road conditions change like dirt depending on weather and season.

Tex69 said...

first time on your site, but the gravel/dirt road pics are awesome. Here in KY I have to work hard to find "texture" and usually it's in areas that are VERY secluded and a little scary. Peace

Head Honcho said...

Thanks Tex and Ben. I figure I'll be heading out for another one of those rides this Sunday too.