Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Too good not to share.

I mean really. This is awesome. If you're trying to get bike paths installed in your city, this video should prove to be an absolutely invaluable tool. I can't wait to bombard PdC with this. Its 13 minutes, but it is well worth the watch.

Boulder Bike Story from Bikes Belong on Vimeo.

I know. Two posts in one day. Weirder things have happened. I think.

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A Kite flying teaser, and new reads.

First things first:
Carbon fork.

daaaamn! Singular Cycles Kite cyclocross prototype.

Reynolds 853 main tubes, 4130 stays. Investment cast Henry James style drop outs. Center mount brake posts. Its got all the right things going for it. This is a 60cm version, and built up as you see, its all of 21lbs. Lightest bike I own. I took it out for a spin this morning at La Riviere. You'd think that there wouldn't be all that much of a difference between two high end steel bikes, but there sure is between the Kelly, which I've owned now for......5 years I think, and this new Singular.

Prototype Kite, fresh build

Thing is, there was. Its not that the Kelly felt dead on the last ride, its just that this Singular felt sprightly on this ride. I rode the same wheels on both bikes, so it sure wasn't them, it had to be the frame materials. The Kite was an easy, eager climber. It got up to 'sprint' readily. Changing direction was a simple matter of thought and movement. I've got high hopes for this bike on Sunday at CamRock. Look out 4's! Sam has got another hit on his hands here.

And since I know I"ll be getting the question; I don't know when, and I don't know how much. But its likely next season as my best guess. If you have questions, keep and eye out for the Singular kit at the WI races this fall. Hey, I may even make a MN race or two as well.

On the reading part, I was directed to a new blog by my friend Jason. He has thsi cool blog focusing on two of my favorite passions, bikes and photography. He's been getting awesomer at image making, and finding neat blogs out there in the web-o-sphere, including the Adventure Monkey. I've been reading it this morning and am quite impressed with his photographic style, and his choice of riding. Gravel is good! I look forward to keeping up with him, and maybe take some inspiration from him too.

The other is EcoVelo. Its kind hard to tell you what its all about with sounding like a cheesy rip off of their about me page. So I'll just quote 'em:
Welcome to EcoVelo. This site is the public expression of our personal commitment to reduce our impact on the environment by employing bicycles as our primary mode of transport. By sharing what we learn from this endeavor, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing experience that celebrates the beauty of the bicycle and the joys of everyday bike riding, we hope to inspire others to make a similar commitment.
Its a well laid out page, with what is becoming a common thing here, beautiful photos. This will be interesting to follow their adventures too.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Sale! There's stuff here I don't want , you NEED!

Stuff that no matter how cool it is, I just don't really want in the store any more!

Item #1:
Bontrager Rhythm Elite wheels. 29" of course, offest spokebed, tubeless ready. These are brand spankin' new! Includes skewers and rim tape.
From store

$375, shipped.

Item #2:
Easton XC-1 SS 29" wheels. Super nice, highend wheels for your SS 29er. Incredibly smooth bearings, surprisingly stiff straight pull spokes. These are great for an XC race weapon. Again, these are brand new, in the box. I have three sets.
From store

$650, shipped.

Item #3:
Surly Mr. Whirly crank set + Race Face bb. Both items are used, though not heavily. Cranks are 185mm long. Yeah. one hundred and eighty five millemeters! They're huge. If you're tall[like, really tall], or want tons of leverage on your SS, these are what you want. There is a bit of heal rub, though nothing bad. Ring pattern is 104mm, 4 bolt.
From store

$200, shipped.

Items #4, #5:
White Industries ENO cranks. One Polished, one black. Both 180mm, both have a 32t ring. Both just unwrapped from shipping.
From store

From store

$180 each, shipped

Item #6:
Thomson Seat post, 32.4x367. Yeah, 32.4mm. Black in hue. Talk about a weird size. No picture on this one. Its a Thomson post, y'all know what it looks like.
$60, shipped. I know, really. $60 is a killer deal. If you or a loved one needs it, let me know.

Welp, that's about it. weather here has turned to rainy, wet crap, we're losing light quick, and I'm not getting out enough to ride. I gotta change that. May be time to shift hours around.

Take care.

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